So 19/03 [2006] - Hilden[ 19:00 ] Sutton's Irish Pub (Reichshof)
(anläßlich des St.Patrick's Day am 17/03)


An Evening of Irish Songs

ein Programm
Truike van der Poel
Evelin Degen
Alexander Scherf
J. Marc Reichow
& cottage organ

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instrumental [no.] song

Introducing the (...)
Trad. (B: JMR)
für Flöte, Violoncello und Fortepiano
[2] Beethoven WoO 152 Nr.8
Come draw we round a cheerful Ring
(T: Joanna Baillie)
[3] Beethoven WoO 152 Nr.4
The Morning Air plays on my Face
(T: Joanna Baillie)
[4] Beethoven WoO 153 Nr.6
Sad and luckless was the Season
(T: William Smyth)
[5] Beethoven WoO 152 Nr.11
Thou Emblem of Faith
(T: I.P.Cueran)

Trad. (B: JMR)
The Butcher Boy
mit Violoncellobegleitung

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[7] Beethoven WoO 153 Nr.20
Thy Ship must sail, my Henry dear
(T: William Smyth)
[8] Beethoven WoO 152 Nr.5
On the Massacre of Glencoe
(T: Walter Scott)
[9] Beethoven WoO 152 Nr.1
The Return to Ulster
(T: Walter Scott)
Roísín Dubh
Trad. (B: JMR)
für Flöte, Violoncello und cottage organ

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Roísín Dubh
(One Dublin Road)
Trad. (B: JMR)
[12] Beethoven WoO 153 Nr.7
O soothe me, my Lyre
(T: William Smyth)
[13] Beethoven WoO 152 Nr.12
English Bulls; or, The Irishman in London
(T: Anon.)
Beethoven Op.105 Nr.6 (1817/18)
(4) Variationen über Paddy Whack
[ = English Bulls ]
für Fortepiano und Flöte
[15] Beethoven WoO 152 Nr.9 Our Bugles sung Truce
(T: Thomas Campbell)
[16] Beethoven WoO 152 Nr.21
Morning a cruel Turmoiler is
(T: Alexander Boswell)
[17] (The Ballad of Tim) Finnegan's Wake
Trad. (B: JMR)

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J. Marc Reichow   . retro
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